Table of Contents

I.  It's Everywhere

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I.1   The Importance of Marketing

I.2   The Benefits of Marketing

I.3   Functions of Marketing

I.4   The Marketing Concept

I.6   Review


II.  Hitting the Target and Adding Value

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II.1   Needs and Wants

II.2   Utility

II.3   Marketing Man

II.4   Market Segmentation

II.5   Demographic Segmentation

II.6   Psychographic Segmentation

II.7   Geographic Segmentation

II.8   Behavioral Segmentation

II.9   Buyer Persona

II.10 Marketing Man

II.11 Review


III.  Are Customers Really First?

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III.1   Getting Motivated

III.2   How Do Customers Buy?

III.3   Customer Service Matters

III.4  Marketing Man

III.5  Review


IV.  The 4 P's . . . or 5 . . . or 6 . . .

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IV.1   The Marketing Mix

IV.2   What Makes an Effective Marketing Mix

IV.3   Product Decisions

IV.4   Place Decisions

IV.5   Price Decisions

IV.6   Promotion Decisions

IV.7   Adjustments to the Marketing Mix

IV.8   Marketing Man

IV.9   Review


V.  It's About the Product

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V.1   Product Planning

V.1   Developing the Mix

V.3   Developing New Products

V.4   Categories of New Products

V.5   Product Development Process

V.6   Positioning

V.7   The Positioning Statement

V.8   Branding

V.9   Components of Branding

V.10 Types of Brands

V.11 The Product Life Cycle

V.12 Marketing Mix and the PLC

V.13 Marketing Man

V.14 Purposes of Product Packaging

V.15 Marketing Man

V.16 Labeling

V.17 Marketing Man

V.18 Review

VI.  Promote. Promote. Promote.

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VI.1    The Role of Promotion

VI.2   Promotional Objectives

VI.3   The Promotional Mix

VI.4   Marketing Man

VI.5   Advertising

VI.6   Public Relations

VI.7   Publicity

VI.8   Personal Selling

VI.9   Sales Promotion

VI.10 How To Write a Practical Promotion Plan

VI.11 The Advertising Plan

VI.12 Media Options

VI.13 Marketing Man

VI.14 What Makes a Good Ad?

VI.15 What Makes a Good Print Ad?

VI.16 What Makes a Good Billboard Ad?

VI.17 What Makes a Good Television Ad

VI.18 What Makes a Good Radio Ad?

VI.19 Review


VII.  Everything Has a Price

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VII.1  Pricing Objectives

VII.2  Setting Prices

VII.3  Pricing Strategies

VII.4  Psychological Pricing

VII.5  Factors Affecting Pricing

VII.6  Review


VIII.  From Any Place to Your Place

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VIII.1  The Need for Distribution Channels

VIII.2  Channel Members

VIII.3  Direct Channels of Distribution

VIII.4  Indirect Channels of Distribution

VIII.5  Distribution Intensity

VIII.6  Selecting Channels

VIII.7  Marketing Man

VIII.8  Channel Conflict

VIII.9  Review


IX.  Helping Customers Buy

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IX.2   The Steps of the Sales Process

IX.3   Marketing Man

IX.4   Pre-Approach

IX.5   The Approach

IX.6   Determine Needs

IX.7   Presentation

IX.8   Overcome Objections

IX.9   Methods of Overcoming Objections

IX.10 Closing the Sale

IX.11 Closing Techniques

IX.12 Suggestion Selling

IX.13 After the Sale

IX.14 Review


X.  Marketing Research

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X.1  Identify and Define the Problem

X.2  Collect the Data

X.3  Primary Data

X.4  Who Do We Collect Data From?

X.5  Keys to Writing An Effective Survey

X.6  Analyze the Data Recommendations

X.7  Marketing Man

X.8  Review