How does this WebBook work?


This WebBook is different from your other textbooks, but easy to use once you get the hang of it.  The details below will help you get started.

If you see a very small version of this on an image--roll your mouse over it for more information!

The above icons are found at the bottom of each page.  Click on the icon that points to the right and you will "turn the page."  Click on the icon that points to the left and you will go to the previous page.

When you see this image, look below for a few discussion questions.  I recommend you read through the questions before you read the section.  Think about them while you read.  And be prepared--you never know when your teacher might ask you for an answer!

Below this icon you will find links to articles or websites with additional relevant material.  This might be particularly helpful if you are competing in DECA or FBLA since the information will allow you to delve a bit deeper into the topic. Just click on the title of the article.

It's not always about reading. This icon will direct you to a video.  Most are embedded directly into your WebBook, while some are links that take you to the video.

To the right of this image you will find assignments and activites for each section of the WebBook.  You may do some, all, or none of them--it depends on what your teacher feels is necessary.  


You can download them by clicking on the link.  They are Word files. In some cases you will turn them in through Dropbox.  Check with your teacher for details.

To the left of this icon you will find a link to an extensive case study.  This detailed document will allow you to learn more about the topic or the section, and allow you to demonstrate your knowledge by responding to the questions  or by sharing your insight in a class discussion.