I. It's Everywhere

You are about to have your life changed.  Don't get me wrong.  I don't mean you are going to begin learning about marketing and suddenly realize that your life will be complete only if you pursue a career in something related to marketing. Possible. Not likely.


Here is what will change . . . you will begin to look for and find marketing everywhere.  Even if you don’t want to­­­­­­, you will.  


  • When you see a billboard you won't just laugh if it is funny, you'll try to determine if it will generate sales.

  • When you watch a television advertisement you will try and figure out the target audience, or for whom the ad was intended.

  • When you go to the grocery store you will wonder why items are on a certain shelf or what the slotting fee is.

  • You will shop for clothes and wonder what the mark-up is and what the objective of the sale is.

  • Next time you buy a new product you will try and figure out how it is positioned against the competition.



You get the point.  You will never look at things quite the same way again.  Everything will become marketing, not (necessarily) because you have become delusional, but because marketing is everywhere.




Throughout this WebBook the file folder icon will identify the assignments and activities that you may be asked to complete.  Since this is the first section--it's way to early for any assignments.  Just make sure to understand the basics before you more forward.